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Are you dealing with chronic pain, sleeplessness, stress, high blood pressure or illness?  Do you feel burdened by life’s pressures and unable to restore your natural sense of calm?

If you are looking for a way to address your challenges without having to rely on pain medication or psychotropic drugs, then massage therapy may be the solution for you. Under the skilled hands of a trained massage therapist, your knots will be untangled, and your stress lines ironed out as your emotional and spiritual needs are brought to the surface.

By addressing the root of your problems, massage therapy will allow you to bear the fruits of health and blossom with peace, relief, and genuine well-being. 

Address your challenges
Why we heal throug massage
Why we heal through massage.

Massage therapy is not only good for the body but is also a great way to bring relaxation, serenity and relief to an overburdened mind and spirit. It can help to prevent fatigue, restore balance, stimulate energy, improve circulation, reduce stress and headaches, and promote better posture, all while proactively treating imbalances throughout the body.

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The principle of massage therapy benefits clients from all walks of life, from children to the elderly. For children in particular, massage is a great tool to improve quality of sleep, provide sustained energy and increase their ability to concentrate. At Uproot Massage, we are firm believers in the notion that teaching children to be aware of their bodies and giving them the tools to manage stress while they are young can help to prevent a lifetime of poor posture and chronic pain. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy
Enjoy the Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Whole Body Pain Relief

Whole-Body Pain Relief


Regardless of whether your pain is mild, chronic, caused by an injury or resulting from everyday activities, receiving massages can bring you relief and help you to relax. Using targeted pressure, a therapist can identify the root of the problem and help you to experience relief from both short-term and long-term pain.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief


Regular massage can help you to deal with stress better and to feel happier in general. Just one regular massage session a month is all it takes for your body to trigger a release of endorphins that prevent the brain from producing excess levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. This helps to curb anxiety and produce a calmer state of mind. 

Relaxing Massage
Increased Circulaton

Increased Circulation and Regulation of Blood Pressure


Massage therapy is an excellent way to reduce your blood pressure and improve the efficiency of blood flow. By stimulating your skin and muscles, massage therapy can help to eliminate waste products from your system and enhance blood flow throughout your whole body.

Improved posture and flexibility

Improved Posture and Flexibility


Massage is a popular option for people looking to improve flexibility and reduce muscle pain. In addition to a regular stretching routine, you may find that massage can improve your overall posture and range of motion.

Enhanced recovery from injury

Enhanced Recovery from Injury


The positive effects of massage therapy on circulation, muscle relaxation, flexibility, healing, and immunity has become well-established and widely accepted. For this reason, many doctors routinely prescribe massage sessions for their injured patients. Whether you are recovering from a major or minor injury, therapeutic massage can shorten your recovery time and improve your outcomes. 

Back Massage

I went to see Angela following HD Body Sculpting. I was feeling like I was retaining fluid from my procedure becoming discouraged. After my massage, I noticed immediate results. Naturally, I rebooked for the following week and will continue. She is the real deal!

Christina R.
Service Received:  Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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